Dale Musikkorps Sommarfest 2017

Summer party with the band

Image: I don't remember which joke he was telling, but they're usually quite good. Image: The tuba is in position, as our skipper Asbjørn Igelkjøn tries to make us get on the boat without breaking anything. Image: View from Jensbua towards Rivedal. Image: Ballast is important. Image: The ladies occupy the aft end. The wife of our conductor - the clarinet player - also joins us this evening. Image: "We're heading in that direction." Image: Looks like an impromptu prayer group. Image: And we're off. Jensbua in the background. Image: Jensbua again. Image: "Where did I put that march?" - Rivedal in the background. Image: First stop, Eikarol. Image: "Grovmessingen" - it takes some effort to warm up tubas. Image: "Take her out, Mr. Igelkjøn" Image: Straumsneset, out second stop. Image: Holmedal coming into view. Image: View back towards Dale. The bridge can be seen (just) in the far distance. Image: Approaching Holmedal. There was a bit of discussion about what to play. The only thing we agreed on was which one to finish with. Image: Safely docked. Image: It's a nice little boat. One of the smaller "jekt" type boats, used extensively for trading along the Norwegian coast. Image: Approximate route of our little voyage. Red circles are the locations where we played.