Easter 2017

Image: Good Friday morning. View to the north from my bedroom. Image: It's a beautiful day. View from the kitchen. Image: The neighbours have chickens. Nicoline got to hold one of the chicks. Image: They also have sheep. These kids are newborn. Image: BBQ time. The kids were having a blast. Image: Image: Can you spot them? Image: Easier to spot in the picture if I zoom in. :-) Image: Derp! Looks like a relatively young stag. Image: View of the village. Image: Phillip and Nicoline enjoying themselves. Image: We spotted something moving in the pond and took a closer look. Image: Frog eggs! Image: And more frog eggs in a pond further up ahead. Image: Saturday is snow day, apparently. We had huge flakes coming down all day. Image: More snow. And the ground is getting cold enough that it doesn't melt any longer. Image: Even more snow. Image: Better stay inside. :-) Image: View to the north from my bedroom again. A rather different view than on Friday. Image: A bit of fog and a little bit of ice on the fjord and you can get some eerie effects. Image: Still, it's a good day for playing outside. Image: The fog is clearing as the sun rises higher. Image: The house where I grew up. Image: We're heading for Fjærland to visit Helen's family on the last day of Easter. This is the view back towards Ålfoten (the fjord in the fathest bit of the middle) from the ferry quay at Lote. Image: The meeting of three fjords. The villages are, from the left, Kviteneset, Hestenesøyra, Skjerdalen (just behind, and across the fjord), Hyeneset and Skeistranda. Image: View to the south-west from Haugen in Fjærland. Image: View to the north-west from Haugen in Fjærland.