Jakt 2016

Hunting 2016

Image: We've started putting up some towers for getting a better overview of the terrain. This is my post for the afternoon. Image: Plenty of mushrooms in the forest this autumn. These are chantarelles. Image: Whipped together something from the day's catch and what was in the fridge. The meat is fried deer's heart. Image: View from the start position of my lot in the Dalsetstranda-hunt. The small lake to the left is Lisjevatnet, the big one is Dalsetvatnet and the one in the distance is Fjellevatnet. Image: About 1/3 of the hunt is done, and I'm standing on a big ledge. Image: View towards the new electrical substation from the ledge. Image: View of the west end of the lake, and you can spot the roof of our cabin. Image: I shot two deer today. This is the calf. Image: ... and this is its mother. Image: I had this fat bugger in my sights too, but couldn't get a clear shot, so the honour went to the guy at the neighbouring post. Image: And here is the carcass of the big one on the previous picture. As you can see - especially on its ass - "fat" is entirely appropriate. :-) Image: Some picture of mom's part of the work for a change. She's become quite skilled at butchery over the years. Image: Prime cut steaks. Image: The neighbours also brought us some plums for me. Mom made jam from them. Image: The post at Dammen in the Råtnemyra hunt. The morning mist is about to be dissolved. The next five minutes were almost magical. Image: View up the terrain we hunted. All the way from the road to the screes up the mountain side. Image: The two first deer of the day: two nice stags. We also got a calf there. Image: View from my post at Stigane. Our house is near the right edge of the image. Image: My gun resting on the railing of the tower I was sitting in. Image: View towards the southeast. The major peaks of Blånibba and Bukkenibba are partially visible behind the pine's branches. Image: And view to the north. The cliff Kårnyken dominates the village. Image: To the southwest. The white bit on top of the mountain is the glacier. Image: The hunt in Vaulehola. I'm sitting near the main road, guarding the bog south of it. Image: View to the southeast. The big mountain is the one visible on the glacier picture. Image: The biggest of the stags and the happy young hunter who shot it. Image: Daaang, this ain't what I had in mind. Durr! Image: Both hunters posing with their stags. We also shot two calfs and a young female that day.