Trip to Kvernsteinsparken in Hyllestad

Image: The open area of the museum. The overgrown heaps are tons and tons of old stone chippings. Image: The first sighting of a mill stone carving area. Notice the half-circle shapes in the rock. Image: Scenic river. Image: A barely used area. Only a few mill stones were carved from here. Image: ... and some of them were left broken. Image: The river further up. Image: Rapids from above. Image: The river is much calmer further upstream. Image: Another area which is barely used. The authorities have allowed experimentation and demonstration of the techniques in this area. Image: Quartz crystals. Image: A pile of discarded mill stones. Image: The lake which the river flows from. Image: One of the main areas. This cliff face is the result of centuries of carving. Image: A mill stone displayed on the usual transportation device. Larger stones were put on horse carts. Image: This mill stone was never finished. Notice the holes on the under side. This is the technique used for loosening the stone from the rock. Image: Helen for scale. This is a big stone meant for a water mill or similar. The smaller ones were hand powered. Image: More old man-made cliff faces. Image: A load of mill stones from a shipwreck. The long stones on the right are whetstones from the same ship, but from a different region. Image: Closeup of the whetstones. The white bits are the protective shells for sea-dwelling worms. Image: The mill stones also bear marks of having been submerged for a long time. Image: A grind stone holder. Complete with a water bucket. Image: The rock in the area is created by folding. The folds are easily seen in this natural rock face. Image: Helen making a jewel for herself out of soapstone. Image: The park also had a couple pigs on display. Image: We did a detour to the nearby Lifjord. Helen is watching something in the water. Image: ... which turned out to be a bunch of tiny fish. Image: View from the quay. Image: View from the hill above the quay, towards the east. Image: The Katlenova peninsula in Hyllestad.