Summer holiday and Gudvangen viking market 2016

Summer holiday in Fjærland and at Gudvangen viking market.

Image: Blueberries at "Blåbærstølen" in Fjærland. Image: Bountiful harvest this year. Image: Helen and her dad eating blueberries. Image: The Bøyabreen glacier in Fjærland, as seen from the restaurant nearby. Image: Control panel in the old hydroelectric power station at Tyssedal near Odda in the south-eastern corner of Hordaland county. The desk is made from (non-conductive) marble and the control panel is actual copper strips and very manual switches. Image: The main generator switches. Image: Kjelfossen above Gudvangen. Image: View from our tent. Image: Kjelfossen again. "The kettle fall" - I never grow tired of looking at it. Image: More of Kjelfossen. It falls fairly straight down here, but depending on the winds it can be all over the place. Image: The market viewed from the feast hall. Image: Our tent is on the hill between the birches. Image: The new tourist boat "Visions of the fjord" tied up for the night, and one of the older ferries coming in the fjord in the background. Image: Helen on the old ferry quay. Image: The ferry is almost at the quay now. Image: Our tent is the red one. Helen's requirements when we made it was that it must be tall enough to stand upright inside, and big enough for a bed. Image: More tents, and the gas station/grocery store in the background. Image: The "hov" - the viking ritual place. The one in the middle with the big phallus is Njord. Image: Kjelfossen - again. Image: Got this from our neighbour. It's Helen's cousin Nina, Helen and me. Image: Kjelfossen. Image: Our neighbours had to leave early on account of their son who suffers from asthma - the many camp fires did nothing to improve his condition. So we suddenly had a river view from our tent. Image: From the parking lot when we were carrying stuff to the car. Image: We decided to take the scenic route home for a change. It's 23km longer, but has some great vistas. This is by the Stegastein vantage point. Image: The vantage point. Image: The town Aurland below. Image: Helen hates heights, but I managed to coax a smile out of her. :-) Image: Make that two smiles. :-) Image: View out the fjord. One of the passenger ferries from Gudvangen is on its way to Flåm further in the fjord. Image: Mountain view. There's lots of glacial rubble left over in these parts. Image: Vegetation still pops up everywhere. Image: Plenty of small lakes around... Image: ... and small rivers flowing between them. Image: Some waterfalls are to be expected. There's still some snow this high up, especially when the summer's been relatively cold. Some of it might survive till next year. Image: We've started the descent into Erdal valley. This is a seter - a summer pasture - at Skålane. Image: The old farm Kvigno. Image: Approaching the farms in the lower end of the valley. A sharp bend. Image: An old shed, and we can just about see the fjord. Image: The lower farms of Erdal.