Trip to Krokvatnet 2016

Image: Panorama down the path of one of the major regional power lines. Image: Helen on her way up the steep hill by Heidanova. Image: View eastwards. The fjord in the back. Image: The shieling of the farms back home. Image: Littering. Tch. Image: A "løk" - a tiny lake - in the mountains. Image: The lake from the previous picture, as seen from above. Image: Another, even smaller, lake. Image: The two lakes from the previous pics as seen from the ridge further west. Image: View westwards into Førdsdalen, the valley south of the one we ascended from. Viewed from the south edge of the ridge. Image: Lakes in Førdsdalen. From the left, Osvatnet and Vasslidvatnet, respectively. Image: The lake to the right is our goal for the trip: Krokvatnet. Image: Osvatnet and Vasslidvatnet again. Image: Krokvatnet, southwards from the middle of the eastern shore. Image: Krokvatnet, westwards from the middle of the eastern shore.