Sunday trip to Kårnyken, July 2015

Image: View westwards as we're ascending the path known as Smaleråsa ("the sheep path"). Image: At Lisjedalen, one of the few relatively flat bits on this path. Image: Heimste Tverrelva, not far from fall at the top of the path. Image: View eastwards from near the top. Image: Back down towards the village, the glacier and Åskora. Image: West from the top of the path. Image: At Skavlen, which lies at the other end of Skavlemyra, and has given it its name. From here we can see back home. Image: Me calling my brother so we can wave at them. Image: View of the steep wall of Kårnyken from the side. Image: The bog is full of cloudberry flowers. Image: Steadily ascending from Skavlemyra. Image: View west towards Svorsynet and Rundehogen. Image: The cairn at the peak of Klakegga can be seen in the distance. Image: The peak of Kvasshornet. Image: View back down the valley and towards the Snønykane mountains. Image: East towards the peak of Kårnyken. Image: Upper end of the gorge going down to the Bjønnomnen-formation. Image: View down the gorge. Image: Panorama of the area around the upper end of the gorge. The major features we see beyond the mountain we're on are, from the left, Blånibba (a.k.a. Gjegnen) mountain, Bukkenibba mountain, the lake at Dauremål, Middagsnakken mountain, the Dauremål plateau, Høgefjellet and Middagsnakken mountains, the Ålfotbreen glacier, Snønyken mountain, Sigdestadnakken mountain (below), the Myklebust valley, Kvarven mountain and the Dalsetefjellet mountain. Image: Panorama with the major peaks marked. Image: Yours truly. Image: Another view of the gorge. Image: Blånibba, Bukkenibba and Dauremål at the other side of the fjord. Image: Dauremål and Høgefjellet. Image: A sheep path. Sheep like grazing near the top of the gorge. Image: Living on the edge. Image: Helen, not getting closer to the edge. Image: Heading back down. Image: There's several smaller gorges leading down from the top of the wall. Image: We headed over to the path following the river. The snow won't melt here for several weeks yet. Image: Helen is happy that we did the trip, but also that it's all downhill from here.