Sightseeing western Norway

Bergen and sightseeing in western Nordhordaland and Sogn og Fjordane.

Image: Bergen from Fløyen, towards the south. Image: Panorama of Bergen from Fløyen. Image: My brother Håvard and his girlfriend walking hand in hand. Image: Helen has just bought some hot chocolate at the Café & Conditori across from the court house. Image: Helen testing the suspension for the cable ferry's eastern cable. Image: The cable ferry at the quay across the fjord at Duesund. Image: A cable suspension. Image: Warning sign that there's a cable running in the water. Also the church and the centre of the town Masfjordsnes. Image: View eastwards of Masfjord. Image: Helen strolling towards the old quay. Image: Panorama of Masfjord from the quay at Masfjordnes. Image: Helen enjoying a coke while gazing at the marine life. A couple of eurasian oystercatchers (haematopus ostralegus) in the background guarding their territory. Image: The quay at the Masfjordnes side. We were early so the line consists of only my car at that moment. A couple of herring gulls (larus argentatus) are using it while the ferry is at the Duesund side. Image: Boathouses in the town centre. Image: Cable ferry warning sign, along with the marine VHF radio channel to be used to request information. Image: The ferry is crossing the fjord. Notice the ripples caused by the cable. Image: One of the pulleys (block) for the cable. Image: The pulley on the other side, seen from midship. Notice how the salt water makes the metal grille rust. Image: One of the life boats. A simple yet elegant release system. Image: Panorama of the outer Sognefjord from the quay at Rutledal. Image: The skerries by Rutledal. The islands of Sula and Losna are seen in the background. Image: Eastwards from Rutledal Quay. Image: Beacon at the quay at Rutledal. Image: View back towards the road from the tip of the quay. My car is the first one this time too. Image: On board the ferry towards Rysjedalsvika on the north side of the Sognefjord. The village of Leirvik is seen just above the corner of the railing. Image: View back towards Rutledal. The town is almost entirely out of sight, unlike the transmitter at the top of the mountain Brosviksåta. Image: The islands Sula and Losna. The route of the passenger express boat bound for Nordfjord goes through the sound between them. Image: The "back" side of the mountain Lihesten, above a small fjord named Lifjord. The mouth of the fjord is blocked by a small island. Image: Distant view of the villages Sætre and Asseim on the south side of the fjord, where the road E39 is passing through just before entering the tunnel through Skrikeberget. Image: Helen in the wind as the ferry approaches Rysjedalsvika.