London, January 2015

Image: Entering Hyde Park after walking from Notting Hill Gate. Image: The CIA hiding in Hyde Park? Not very efficient... or is it? Image: Happy brother - little did he know it was going to piss down in a few minutes. Image: Shopping at Oxford Street. Got a new coat! Image: – Image: – Image: View from our hotel room at Earl's Court. Image: – Image: The reason we're on the trip. We're about to enter the stadium. Image: Sitting deep in the Chelsea fans section. I had to remember to cheer at the right moments. Image: – Image: The match is in full swing. Image: Chelsea's keeper about to kick the ball. Image: Helge wanted a picture in front of the "team." Image: – Image: Tube station right next to the hotel. Convenient. Image: Managed to lure my brothers to the British Museum. There's still so much I haven't seen in there. Image: "You all right? I need some chocolate before we go inside." Image: "Hey! Picture time!" Image: Assyrian chariots. Image: Various signets. Image: – Image: Some old bronze spear heads and swords. Image: A selection of Corinthian items. Image: Anatolian Greek jugs and figurines. Image: Various Greek jewels. Image: Athenian coins. Image: Centaur battling a hero. Image: Hieroglyphs, looks like royal names. Image: Helge, Håvard and Ramesses II. Image: The <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gayer-Anderson_cat">Gayer-Anderson Cat</a> Image: Amphora with angels. Image: Coinage of Cyprus. Image: – Image: Various Greek and Persian coins. Image: – Image: Early writing from Cyprus. Image: Various gold and bronze adornments. Image: Various jewels. Image: – Image: Copper sources in ancient Cyprus. Image: Various bronze weapons. Image: The picture ended up being blurry, but I really liked that Warhammer Chaos Knight style helmet. Image: Roman coins and jewels. Image: – Image: – Image: – Image: Exquisite cameo carvings. Image: The Portland Vase Image: Strainers have been around for a while. Image: Various Roman items. Image: – Image: A serving dish with a swastika. Helge was surprised, not knowing that that symbol has existed for a very long time. Image: Various rings, signets and jewels. Image: A mean-looking hunting knife. Image: Roman glass-blowing art. Image: Various musical figurines. Image: Various Roman cameos. Image: Roman sealstones. Image: Coins and sealstones. Image: Various Hittite items. Image: A Chinese dragon figurine. Image: We visited London shortly after the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo. The National Gallery at Trafalgar Square was lit up in the colours of the Tricolore. Image: – Image: Lots of pens, pencils and cards on the theme of Je Suis Charlie were collected in a big pile Image: Projector with the colours of the French flag. Image: The National Gallery. Je Suis Charlie. Image: Mobile cameras don't do night mode very well, but I couldn't well leave without Big Ben.