Jakt 2014

Pictures from deer hunting season 2014.

Image: The first day of hunting, at post #10 when hunting Råtnemyrane westwards. Image: Image: Post #6 when hunting Kloppelveholene westwards. The post is at the same location as post #6 when hunting Elvategane eastwards, only I moved east onto a river skerry. The view is westwards from the post. Image: My gun, pointing eastwards from post #6. Image: My brother, back at "Jaktbygget" ("the hunting building"), after having lunch. Image: The starting point for driver #12 when hunting Paulbakkane westwards. Image: The scree next to post #2 when hunting Stigane westwards. Image: View from near post #4. Image: The area was full of lingonberries. Image: The river pond by the post. It was full of trout catching insects. Image: The first deer of the year. It was shot at post #2. Image: Image: Image: Post #4 when hunting Pottane eastwards. The post is just below Heidanova. This is the location where I shot a 1.5-year-old stag, just to the left of the broken birch tree. Image: The 1.5-year-old stag. Image: Post #6 when hunting Elvategane eastwards, in Listelvbakken. The view is of the river behind (to the east of) the post. Image: Uphill from post #6. Image: The bog at post #2 when hunting Fjelleryggen eastwards. I shot a stag in the middle of the bog. Image: The valley westwards from post #2. Image: Myself and the stag from post #2. It's probably 2.5-years old, but big for its age. Image: Deer is exciting to the tracking dog. Image: Some of the gang, just back from the second hunt of the day. Image: My stag just before being skinned. Image: The catch of post #7 when hunting Avsløngane eastwards: a 2.5-year-old stag. I was at post #6 and helped drag it to the road. Image: One of the drivers shot a 3-4-year-old stag just north of my post. Here's both deer on the trailer. Image: Post #9 when hunting Ålusen westwards. This became post #10 the next time due to a too-large gap between posts #8 and #9. Image: The hunters lining up to be photographed with the catch of the day. Image: A nice collection. Driver #15 and posts #3 and #7 respectively. The dog is besides itself with excitement. Image: Rowing across Lake Dalset in the morning mist. One has to keep an eye on the wake to keep from rowing in circles. Image: The last we saw of land on that side of the lake. Image: Post #2 at Dalsetstranda. The location of the old post taken from the new post. Still foggy. Image: View of a likely approach direction for the deer. Image: Same area, sans fog. Image: The view uphill from the post. Image: The deer path up the ridge right next to the post. Image: View of the lake from the old post #2. Image: The catch from Dalsetstranda. The two guys with cameras had been lying down to take pictures which make the deer look bigger. :-)