Torghattenfestivalen 2013

Trip with my band, Dale Musikkorps.

Image: The new ferry quay at Lavik under construction. We started from my place at about 04:30 in the morning, and the picture is taken at 05:27 - early start of a long journey. Image: I was taking Janet and Jan Jaap to the airport in Bergen before heading north. Image: Jan Jaap the Tourist. Image: Obligatory soft serve ice cream in Voss on my way north. Image: Upper end of the Nærøy Valley. Image: Approaching Gudvangen, where we attend viking market in July. Image: At the top of "Tindevegen" between Årdal and Turtagrø. Image: On the Sognefjell road. Turtagrø and Tindevegen further down. Image: The mountain range Hurrungane. Image: Helgedalen valley seen from the vantage point at Nedre Oscarshaug. Image: Hurrungane seen from the vantage point at Nedre Oscarshaug. Image: Back down towards Tindevegen and the Bergsdalen valley. Image: Next day. We're on the bus between Grong and Brønnøysund after a train ride north from Trondheim. This picture is taken on the border between Nord Trøndelag and Nordland counties. Image: View from the south side of Lysfjord in Bindal. Islands in the distance. Image: The south shore of Lysfjord seen from the north side. Image: View from the bottom of Lysfjord. The bus was backtracing for some passengers, so this is taken 3 minutes later than the view from the north side. Image: Continuing on to Brønnøysund after taking the ferry from Holm to Vennesund. Image: View towards the mountains Skålviksfjellet and Mardalsfjellet south of Brønnøysund. Image: Westward view. Image: It was low tide when we went by, so there are big sandy stretches lain bare. Image: The bay of Sørbotnet in Sømna. Image: More of the bay. Image: The mountain Torghatten, a significant landmark in the region. Image: Our 2nd concert of the festival. This time inside the old stockfish warehouse Tørrfiskbrygga. Image: The quay where the Hurtigruten ferries dock has kiosk - TD på kaia - which sells excellent soft serve ice cream with a variety of toppings. I chose mashed strawberries. My #1 summer memory of the year. Image: View northwards from an express boat docked at Brønnøysund. Image: Today we went on a boat trip round the archipelago outside Brønnøysund. This is Torghatten viewed from the sea. Image: Torghatten seen from the southeast. Image: Torghatten seen from the south. Image: A bit further on. The hole through Torghatten is visible now. The legend says that the mountain is <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torghatten#Tunnel">the hat of the troll-king of Sømna</a>. Image: Round the north side of the archipelago. A small gaff rigged boat is out sailing. Image: A tiny islet with a house on it. Image: David, our resident singer and photographer with our guide for the day and the leader of our hosts, Brønnøysund Musikkorps. Image: Approaching Brønnøysund. Image: The Brønnøysund Register Centre complex, which handles most of the central public registries in Norway. Image: At the last day of the festival, there's going to be a concert in the amphitheatre-shaped gorge running up to the hole through Torghatten. This is the scree below the hole. Image: View back down the scree. The bands found some suitable rocks to sit on in the middle of the scree while playing. Image: The tunnel through the mountain. Image: Strand Seniorbrass' concert. Image: "Up, up, up, up the stairs we go. And then we come to the tunnel." Image: Brønnøysund from the bridge, heading back to town to check out of the hotel and catch the bus home. Image: Heading home. The sun decided to come out and bid us farewell. Image: Hay harvesting is is recently done. Most likely their second harvest of the year, out of three. Image: Departing the quay at Vennesund. Image: Further out the fjord. Image: View south towards Holm. Image: It's Midsummer eve, or St. John's eve ("Jonsokafta") today. That means bonfires in the evening - looks like someone started early. Image: The scenery by the fjords of Nordland is as beautiful as that back home. Image: Fancy tunnel opening, at the end of a bridge crossing the narrow sound Kollstraumen. Image: View across the bridge and into the tunnel. Image: Midsummer eve is a day not only for bonfires but also for partying. We had some time to kill while waiting for the train, so Jan pulled out his accordion and we danced polonaise. Jan tried inviting some hijab-wearing immigrants, who were also waiting for the train, to participate, but they seemed rather horrified, and declined directly.