Chef Myklebust

My forays into cooking.

Image: Chicken wok: Broccoli, red onion, leek, and chili prepared in a wok with chicken and a soy, garlic and ginger sauce. Served with cooked jasmine rice. Image: 7-layer dip: 1st layer: mashed beans. Image: 7-layer dip: 2nd layer: taco mix and sour cream. Image: 7-layer dip: 3rd layer: guacamole. Preparation. Image: 7-layer dip: 3rd layer: guacamole. Preparation. Image: 7-layer dip: 3rd layer: guacamole. Just made. Image: 7-layer dip: 3rd layer: guacamole. Spread out. Image: 7-layer dip: 4th layer: Red onion. Image: 7-layer dip: 5th layer: chopped tomatoes. Image: 7-layer dip: 6th layer: cheese. Image: Salted herring with rutabaga stew and potatoes. Image: Pork chops with wok'd vegetables and stewed peas. Image: One trout, ready to be fileted. Also carrots, onion and leek. And a twist of lemon. Image: Put fish and vegetables on the tin foil. Image: Ready to wrap the tin foil. Image: Cook 'em for a while. Image: Dinner's served. Image: 26.03.2012: Broccoli and cauliflower on the desk waiting for the preparation of the béchamel sauce. Image: Image: Veggies with béchamel sauce on. Ready to be put in the oven. Image: All done. Image: 27.03.2012: Plaice filets cut out. Image: Shear off the skin. Image: Filets all done. Image: Image: Time to apply the batter. Image: All battered up. My fingers got really sticky with eggs and breadcrumbs - get a pair of pliers for next time! Image: Fried the first two together. The oil was way too hot, so they got rather dark (the taste was still good thoguh).
The last two went much better.
Bon appétit. Image: Béchamel sauce. Add some curry powder to get a good spicy variety. Image: That first batch didn't add any noticable difference. Add a whole load more. Image: Excellent! Quite good with fish cake or fish pudding, or various other white fish products.. Image: Onion, "mini maize," red and green bell pepper, broccoli, carrots and chicken which has been slighly fried with salt and pepper (and a wee bit of chili powder for personal preference) mixed together in six portion-size casserole dishes. Image: Careful! These will kill you! One Dutch chili and one habanero. Image: Three dishes and the chicken I haven't spread yet. Image: The other three dishes along with the tomato and cream sauce, and the cheese. Image: Add tomato sauce. Image: ...and cheese. Ready to be put in the oven. Image: Done! Bon apetite. Image: Traditional Norwegian pea soup made from yellow peas. Image: Pea soup ready to be served. Image: Taco ingredients ready to be served.