HoK meeting in Edinburgh 2007

Pictures from the Heroes of Kaladim raid on Edinburgh 15-18 June 2007.

Image: Taldaanja pondering the meaning of ice. Image: Assynt and Beolvaar Image: Suran showing Kismis and Roztov what ice feels like. Image: Image: Roztov serving alcohol to under-age polar bears. Image: View of the castle from Waverly Bridge. Image: Beolvaar making sure he has his spell components ready in case of undeads. Image: Image: Roztov, Taldaanja and Kismis getting their menus at the paella restaurant. Image: Image: Roztov, Suran and Taldaanja on their way into the graveyard. Image: The old parliament. Image: Image: Taldaanja, queen of the pub! Image: Image: The Edinburgh raid tries to take down a sabretooth tiger. Image: Taldaanja having her morbid desires satisfied. Image: Image: