Jakt 2023

Image: The waterfall only runs when the reservoir of the powerplant is overflowing. It's about 350m tall in total. Image: The "deer bridge", built 35 years ago to provide a safe passage across the river for the deer. Image: Hazel in a pine wood. Image: Dawn, from just west of the summer pasture. Image: The morning fog still covers the valley. Picture from the ledge at Huaren. Image: View towards the east from Huaren. Image: View from post #2 at Huaren, when hunting Pottane westwards. Image: Sætredalen. Image: Sætra, the summer pasture, seen from the hill by Sætredalen. Image: View towards the glacier from post #1 at Øvste Berget. Image: I shot a hind. Our guest hunter had never gutted one before, and was happy to be given the opportunity to do so. Image: Kårnyken seen from below. There's snow down to about 600m above sea level. The picture is taken at about 200m. Image: A peat bog on the hill above Sætra. Image: View towards Pottane and Nibba. The latter is covered in fresh snow. Image: View north across the valley. We see the waterfall Fessefossen, which we visited in the summer, in the distance.