Summer 2022

The 2022 summer holidays.

Image: Image: We're on a family hike. The first obstacle was crossing the stream between Langeløken (pictured) and Sleipelveløken. Image: One of the two most common orchids in Norway: the common spotted orchid (dactylorhiza fuchsii, or dactylorhiza maculata subspecies fuchsii). Image: The control building for the valve which regulates the flow of water. It's an extra source of water for the lake below, which is a magazine for the hydroelectric power plant further down the valley to the west. Image: Me and Helen went up to the hill above to get a better view. Image: The whole family enjoying themselves. Image: More pretty flowers. Image: A better view of lake Nibbevatnet. Image: The hydroelectric power plant is down for maintenance, so the dam is overflowing for a change. It's a massive waterfall, about 300m high. The sound from it is quite noticeable even at this distance. Image: It's nearly time for dinner. The kids have picked flowers. Image: Me and Helen took Kristina for a hike to Huaren. It was a nice opportunity to get out and away from the kids for a little while. Image: The lake on top. Image: Another day of kite flying. And the weather is improving. Image: Helge's cat is out bird hunting. Image: Onwards to Fjærland. This time we took the time to stop at the viking museum at Nordfjordeid. The museum includes a fully sea-worthy viking ship, built the way they thought the burnt ship they found in a nearby burial mound might have looked like. That's Helen sitting in the stern. Image: Helen at the bow, where a chieftain's stool has been set up. The dragon head is not yet complete, and as such is not currently attached. Image: Mundal in Fjærland. The boating tourists are out in force, and the floating sauna is constantly occupied. Image: It's been raining a lot this summer. The river is swelling even with the power plant in operation. Image: It's time for our annual kayak trip to the restaurant in Mundal. The landscape is as beautiful as ever. Image: View out the fjord. Image: We had hamburgers. Time to head home. As per usual we got headwind on our way back. Image: Helen's parents are dogsitting. Google is waiting for his family to return from their vacation. Image: Today is mountain hiking day. We passed a lot of beautiful flowers on the way. This is mead wort. Image: Approaching the point where we need to cross the river – which is also where the nature reserve Jostedalsbreen starts. The snow covering the river gully will not completely melt for some time yet, if it does at all before winter. Image: The path divides. To the left is the shorter and steeper route. To the right is the scenic route. We chose the latter. Image: Another lovely plant: wolf's bane. This one is lethally toxic, especially to children. Image: A rock covered in lichen. Image: The rowans are still blooming at this altitude (~640m). Image: We're approaching the top of this valley. View back down. Image: The river from the glacier. Image: Almost there. Image: Common spotted orchid (dactylorhiza fuchsii, or dactylorhiza maculata, subspecies fuchsii). Image: Suddenly, a glacier. This is the biggest reason for taking this route. It's breathtaking every time. Image: Supphellebreen in all its glory. Image: I ran ahead to get some pictures. Helen is catching up. Image: I ventured a bit closer this time. That got me a better view down the gorge. Image: … and of the glacier. It actually calved while I was there, but I was unable to catch it on camera. Image: We still got a ways to go before we reach the top. Image: And we can now see the village again. Image: Our destination: Flatbrehytta. Image: A better view of the village. Image: Selfie time. Image: The cabin has a privvy. That's quite a view. Image: Flatbreen ("the flat glacier"). Comparatively. Image: Flatbrehytta and Fjærland from above. Image: It's time to head back down. Image: There's still some snow covering parts of the path. Image: The river gully seen from above, as we descend the steeper path. Image: There's still some dirt-covered snow on the river banks further down as well. Image: View of the glacier from Helen's parents' place. Image: We're eating out(side) today. Image: I spent four days at band camp in Ørsta this year. In the 2nd evening we went for a hike. The mountains are pretty wild here. Image: Selfie at the end of the road. Image: There's trails going further in the valley, but we stopped here at the summer pasture. Image: Everyone stopped to take a picture of this little waterfall. Image: Ørsta Rådhus (town hall). There's a well known Norwegian rapper called Sirkel Sag from here who's made a piece about it. Image: We're off to Trondheim for my niece's first communion which is a big event in catholicism. We decided to stay at Hotel Videseter on the way there. This is the view from their terrace down the Hjelle valley. Image: Their common room. Image: The next morning we decided to have a look at the nearby waterfall before continuing our drive. The gorge is pretty steep. Image: A vista point has been set up at the edge of the waterfall. You don't want to fall in there. Image: The roar was deafening. Image: The edge. Image: The view up the valley. It's still early morning so the sun has just climbed the mountain. Image: We decided to stop at the famous bakery in Lom. The nearby bridge turns out to be a popular place for pigeons to sleep. Image: A short lunch break at a resting area at Dovre. Image: We were early into town for the ceremony, so we decided to head to the town square. As it happened, there was a tech fair going on. These guys had created a drawing robot which was controlled by a theremin. Image: The ceremony is about to start. Image: Image: Image: Image: