Titur 2022

Image: We're starting this year's Titur on the first day possible. Trip #1 is to Røbua. We started by biking from Dale to as far as the road goes at Haugland. Image: Helen's ready for a nice hike. Image: The path is clear and well-built. Image: Someone's made a really solid bridge across this stream from great slabs of stone. Image: Walking through a fir forest next to a rockface, the kind we call 'heller' in Norwegian. Image: The overhang is what differenciates a 'heller' from a 'hammer' (vertical rockface). Image: We're there. Time to put on some warm clothes. Image: Helen has put up her tripod. I'm using it as a coke can holder. Image: A gnarled rock. Image: More gnarled rock. This is part of the path. A lot of the rock in these part is scrounged up like that. Image: Image: Due to the soggy ground, duckboards have been laid to make the path easier and prevent erosion. Image: Back down to Haugland. Image: The cuckoo flowers (cardamine pratensis) are in bloom. Image: Making bread omelette for the next trip. Image: Today we're going to Styggeheia, the highest point in the municipality ay 799m. We decided (maybe unwisely) to bike there, and this is us finally getting up to the lake at the start of our hike. Image: Duckboards is a blessing when you're crossing a bog. Image: One of the many heath spotted orchids (dactylorhiza maculata subspecies maculata) we saw on the trip. Image: And we also saw a lot of common butterwort (pinguicula vulgaris), which are insect eaters. Image: A vista point with a convenient bench for a quick break. Image: Djupevatnet. Image: View to the north from the peak of Styggeheia. Image: Helen is preparing the camera. Image: The peak was very windy so we decided to head back down. Then we decided to take a selfie with the peak in the background. The weather has been playing havoc with my hair and beard. Image: Marker stones showing the way. Image: The mountains here are made of quartz-rich minerals. Occasionally you get a solid crystal like this. Image: View back towards Steiestølen and down the valley towards Dale. Image: We're back down at Steiestølen. Time to bike home. Image: View from where we parked the bikes up to the vista point from earlier. Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: