Easter 2022

Easter holidays 2022

Image: Dress rehearsals for our customary "Palm Saturday" concert. Image: Setting up everything, almost ready to go. Image: The concert is well underway. Yours truly is playing a short solo. And everyone's wearing festive footwear. Image: Winter isn't quite ready to loosen its grip. But the concert was a success. Image: Going for an evening walk with my brothers. The deer are massing to graze in the fields. Image: Sunset tints the landscape yellow. Image: Dawn. It's going to be a lovely day. Image: The morning sun doesn't quite manage to blind you, which makes for a fantastic picture. Image: It's just started to light up the mountains – and especially the glacier. Image: We decided to barbecue some hot dogs for lunch. The wind is a bit cold, even if the sun is out. Image: Everyone enjoying themselves. Image: The colours of the landscape change as the sun gains purchase. Image: Evening is approaching. Everything turns a tad more yellow. Image: Even later, only Middagsnakken and Høgefjellet are still lit. Even the glacier is in the shade now. Image: The moon (and the seagulls) is out. Image: The sun has gone down, but it's still light out. Welcome to (nearly) 62 degrees north. Image: Another lovely morning. Today there's some clouds over the glacier. Image: Eevee exploring the surroundings. Image: It's a fantastic day. I wish the boat was on the fjord. Image: We're celebrating my upcoming 40th birthday. Helen has made me a chocolate cake, where she's spelled out 40 in binary using raspberries. Image: And my siblings got a marzipan cake with a picture of me driving the boat printed on. Image: Helen's present for me. Image: Another lovely day. Kårnyken is still snow-covered. Image: The morning sun looks fantastic. Image: Sofie wrote me a card. Awww. Image: We're getting ready to go home. Eevee is just going to have a final nap.