Jakt 2021

Deer hunting season 2021

Image: On my way to the first post of the season: post #9 in Vauleholene. I don't have high hopes in this fog. Image: Still foggy as we get to the summer pasture. We didn't catch anything. Image: 2nd attempt. I was just about to set up when we got a counter order on the radio that we were going to hunt the terrain behind us instead, so I had to move. Image: Changing terrain was successful. Image: The morning sun shining on Kårnyken. Image: Shrooms! I decided to stay clear. Image: Nearing the edge of the field of spruce I'm in. My post is a bit up ahead. Image: The next hunt is Kloppelvehola. I found more shrooms. I wasn't sure about these, but were later informed that they're saffron milk caps (lactarius deliciosus), which are quite good to eat (as indicated by the name). Image: A hazel grove. Image: Today's catch. I shot the 2nd one in the first hunt. Image: Rowing across Dalsetvatnet, on our way to posts 1 through 4. Image: I got post #1 this time, just underneath the mountain. Image: View from the livingroom. It's a lovely evening. Image: I had to skip two days because of work, but I brought my friend Dona when I got back. This is her first time on a hunt, and we're at post #8 in Vauleholene. Image: Dona sent me a picture of me in my camouflage kit. Image: We quit early as we only got one deer, so we got to enjoy the afternoon in the sun. Image: The bumblebees are stocking up for the winter. Mom's lavender is still good for some nectar. Image: I'm serving chicken cream stew for dinner, including some fresh chantarelle we picked this morning. Image: We were running low on fuel and, as I prioritized having a couple beers with the team, I decided to go to Svelgen to fuel early in the morning. The reward is being able to witness an amazing dawn. Image: The colours are still spectacular when I get back home. Image: Dona got up a bit later, but she still got to see this. Image: We got lot #18 at Øvste Berget, which means we have to take the detour up on the plateau, back around a small peak and guard a pass until the other hunters get to that point. But at least we get this kind of view. Also we cheated and got driven up to the edge in an ATV. Image: View south-westwards a bit further up. Image: Me, at the post at the pass. Image: And I shot a small male deer which tried to get up to the pass. The wind was all over the place, except where I sat, as it was blowing straight up the pass. This was the only one we got this hunt, so me and Dona didn't join the others, but instead dragged the deer down to the road. Image: After we're done handling the carcass, we got to enjoy some beer before going home. Image: A lovely morning at the summer pasture. Image: Looking good in the other direction as well. Image: We're at post #3 for Pottane. Image: Next hunting session: Fjelleryggen. Autumn has arrived. Image: My brother was also in Ålfoten that weekend. They brought their kitten – which quickly found my lap to be a safe haven. Image: Kårnyken covered in a thin layer of snow. Image: We also had a bit of snow in the valley, especially where the sun hasn't gained purchase yet, like on our way to hunt Pottane. Image: We had a lot of precipitation in the days before today. The river is still comparatively big.