TiTur Dalsfjorden 2021

We attempted to do all ten destinations on the TiTur Dalsfjorden hiking list this year. We didn't have time to complete all of them, but we did do seven.

Image: First destination is Fristadfjellet. This is at the small bridge across the stream we've been following since the parking lot. Image: The ascent was pretty steep and I didn't get any interesting pictures before we reached the top. Helen's unpacking her photo equipment. Image: View east towards Ringstad and Rivedal. Image: Dona is taking some pictures as well. Image: The river leading to the lake/tidal basin Kylleren. At high tide the sea water reaches all the way to the lake (zoom out in the map below to see). Image: The town of Askvoll seen from above. Image: Halfway down the steepest slope. Image: Today we're going to Siklebergvatnet. Maret and Dona have joined us this time. Image: Much further up, we get a lovely view of Holmedal and the surrounding area. Image: We've reached the lake. I'm not sure exactly what this structure is, but it neatly bridges the stream. Image: We sat down to rest and enjoy the day after registering in the guest book. Image: We decided to descend at the other side of the valley. On the way we ran into a bog filled with meat eating plants: round-leaved sundew (drosera rotundifolia). Image: Maret posing at the edge of the bog, just before we start the main descent into the valley below. Image: The house and barn at Torsetbotn, which is today's destination. This is one of the shorter trips, being just outside Dale. Image: The spruce by the house shows some impressive growth. Image: We decided to take the less travelled track back down, along the stream. Image: Helen posing in the old woods by the stream. Image: A big foxglove (digitalis purpurea) greeting us on our way down. Image: Today we decided to have dinner together at Flekkenipa. It's a steep but not too long ascent, so we had time to do it after work. Image: The highest point is a little bit back from the main vantage point. Image: Helen brought her camera as usual. Image: A red admiral (vanessa atalanta) butterfly was waiting for us when we started our descent. Image: We haven't seen the road to Dale from this angle before. Image: Today we're going to Blåfjellet. On the way up we pass the old copper mines at Grimelia. This is one of the lower entrances. Image: Grimelia from above. View towards the islands west of Florø. Image: Helen is right behind me. Image: The slag heaps from the mine are a distinct feature of the landscape here. Image: Having put the mines far behind us, we find ourselves in open mountain terrain. Image: Finally at the top. Helen has carried her tripod up, as usual, and is about to set it up. Image: View to the north. Stavang is roughly in the middle of the picture. Image: And to the south we see Eidsfjorden and Kylleren by Askvoll. Image: Going a bit further north, we get a good view of Svanøy (closest) and Florø, and the rest of the islands in that area. Image: We went a little bit further to get a view of all of Svanøy. Image: Turning a bit to the east, we see Stavang, and the mountain Håsteinen dominating the scenery. Image: On our way back down again, we stop briefly at the slag heaps. We took a little detour along the road ahead of us, but there was nothing interesting to see. Image: One of the upper mine shafts. Image: On the way back from our biking holiday, we had planned to visit the post closest to the road of the trops north of the fjord. This is the view from Bogeåsen towards Straumsnes. Image: A well-earned rest. Image: Looks like there used to be trees fencing this field. Image: Today we're going to Skredvarden on the island Atløy. Hence why we're on a ferry. Image: A nice day to visit Atløy. Image: The ferry promptly departs for Askvoll as we've started the ascent. Image: We're starting to gain some altitude. Image: The hilltop Hovden at the north-west corner of the island. Image: And we're at the top. View to the north, towards Stongfjorden, Florø and beyond. Image: The cairn at the top, with the box containing the guestbook. Dalsfjorden in the background. Image: Helen has brought her camera and tripod as per usual. Image: To the south we see Straumsnes, Lammetu, and the islands of Solund. Image: And, to the west, Alden, Værlandet and Bulandet. Image: A slightly better view of Stongfjorden. Image: The obligatory selfie with Alden in the background. Image: Askvoll. And we can just about see one of the towers of Dalsfjordbrua in the distance. Image: Happy to be heading back down. Image: And a well-earned rest on the ferry. The ferry was initially commissioned to cross the fjord at Isane, and they decorated it with paintings of the area near there. Including several from Ålfoten, like the one on the wall behind Helen.