Summer 2021

Image: This year's summer holiday has started. And we're greeted by a rainbow. Image: Nearing the top. Image: It's curious to see the colour difference between Helen's camera and mine. Image: View towards Kårnyken and the mouth of the valley. Image: A batch of cloudberries! Most of them are unripe, but we found a few which were good to eat. Image: At the top of the mountain. View of the valley to the west. Image: And view towards Åskora and the glacier, which is mostly covered in clouds. Image: I walked a bit closer to the southern edge so I could get a picture of Førde. Image: Another beautiful day. Image: We decided to visit Askevika again. Image: The kids enjoy swimming. Image: A view of Kårnyken on our way home. Image: It's Friday and me and Helen are heading for Kvarven. This is just above the tree line, and the first spot with any view worth mentioning. Image: Our destination: Kvarven. A.k.a. Vingekvarven. Image: View of the valley from the first stop. Image: View of the valley from the third stop. We managed to lose the main path, but we found a suitable route up there nevertheless. Image: View of the valley from the fourth stop. We're gaining altitude slowly. The steep inclines are yet to come. Image: A view towards the southwest from the fourth stop. The characteristic folded mountains of the devon formation dominates the landscape. Image: The ancient glaciers have left rocks in the damndest places. The mountain peaks of Saga, Plogen, Keipen and Hjelmen in the background. Image: We're gaining altitude rapidly now. Image: We're high enough up to see the lake Store Førdevatn, a.k.a. Hjelmevatnet. This lake is rarely seen by anyone not working for the power company which uses it as a reservoir. Image: A bog asphodel (narthecium ossifragum) growing high up the mountain side. Image: The view is improving drastically, and we're still more than 100m below the peak. Image: Nearly at the top, we see a lot more of Store Førdevatn. Image: Helen putting on some warm clothes at the cairn on the southern peak. It's quite windy. The windmills at Marafjellet are seen in the background. Image: To the north, we see the top of another landmark: Hornelen. Image: We've moved further east. Ahead is a great view of the valley. The fjord can bee seen in the distance. Image: A gulley running down to the valley between the peaks. We decided that descending there was unfeasable, and gave up on our plan to also ascend the northern peak. Image: More tracks of the ancient glacier. This time in the form of scratch marks and glacial potholes. Image: There's still a little bit of snow left here. Image: A bit further south we get another great view of the valley. Image: As we started to descend, we were watched by a mountain grouse. My camera's zoom is unfortunately not great. Image: Approaching the 3rd stop on our way back down. Image: Nearly back down, we find some pretty pink flowers: blue heath (phyllodoce caerulea). Image: Today we went to Grotlesanden. On our way back we got a nice view from Oldeide towards Måløy. Image: We come to the tunnel leading to Berle: Berleporten, which is a play on "perleporten" – "the pearly gates". We dediced to drive through. Image: On our way home we pass by the landmark we saw from above yesterday: Hornelen. Image: The weather is a lot better in Ålfoten than in Grotle today. But at least we got a nice road trip out of it. Image: The next stage of our vacation is about to begin: our biking holiday. Image: Our first stop, at the resting area by Breivatnet. We took the opportunity to put lights on the bikes before the upcoming tunnels. Image: The bridge at Nautsund. Image: On the road up from Nautsund towards Skor. Image: Nautsundtjørna. Image: Someone put up a log-man. Image: The highest point on the road between Dale and Rysjedalsvika. Image: And below, Dalsbygda. Image: The old bridge on the old poastal road between Bergen and Trondheim. Image: Finally at the ferry quay in Rysjedalsvika. The Lihesten mountain dominates the landscape. Image: We got to the quay an hour before the ferry was due to arrive, but here it is. Image: Onboard the ferry, we see the rest of Rysjedalsvika. Image: A lone cabin at the island Losna. Image: Approaching the Krakhelle sound. Image: Getting ashore at Krakhella, we immediately face an uphill road. Image: The first of many many lakes we got to. Image: Another puddle. The poles for the phone lines are pretty solid out here. Image: Flat road is nearly nonexistant here. Resting by walking uphill is sometimes necessary. Image: Our base of operations for this expedition: Hardbakke. Image: They've build a new sports arena. Image: We took a wrong turn looking for a hiking path, and I climbed up here to get my bearings. Image: Later we decided to climb the mountain above the village. On our way up we got pretty close to a white-tailed eagle (small dot in the sky above the mountain). Image: It's a steep ascent. Image: This is among the flatter parts of the path. Image: We have reached the summit. There's a box with a guestbook, as per usual, and some signposts. Image: View to the north-east. The transmitter there is visible from far away. Image: And due north in the distance we see the landmark islands Alden and, further back, Kinn. Image: From the edge of the cliff we see the bay at Hardbakke and the islands to the west. Image: The signpost up close. Image: A close up of some of the conglomerate, which all the rock formations on the islands consists of. Image: Taking a stroll in the harbour. Image: To the north. The church, and to its left, Gjestegården, where we stayed. Image: It's not easy to get lost in Hardbakke. Image: Today we went kayaking. We had some wind but it was still a very enjoyable day. Image: A colourful caterpillar crosses the road as we're on our way to visit some friends. Image: Today we're biking to Ytre Sula, the outermost of the big islands. This is from the bridge across the sound between Sula and Steinsundøyna. Image: Lots of bendy roads in a mountainous heather-filled landscape. Image: View to the east. The transmitter at Brosviksåta is nicely framed in the distance. Image: There's no bridge connection to Ytre Sula so we have to take the ferry. Here at the quay at Daløy. Image: The barrier at the quay. Image: This spider was living in the bus stop shed. Image: The ferry is arriving at last. We left Hardbakke such that we'd have plenty of time in case it took us longer to get there than expected. Image: Sundferja is small but sufficient for the traffic they get here. Until 2006 it used to go to Nåra, but since then there's a quay across the sound so it's now a quick crossing. Image: Biking to Nåra, we get to the old Langebru bridge, which used to cross the river Jølstra in the center of Førde. It was moved out here after they built a bigger bridge in Førde. Image: Langebru viewed from a nearby peak. Image: Helen moves at her own pace, which gives me the time to do some reconnoitering. Image: When returning from Nåra we decided to get a bit higher up for some photographing. This is towards the east, with Lifjellet to the center-left and Brosviksåta in the right side of the picture. Image: Departing from the ferry quay at Haldorsneset. Image: The bridge between  Rånøy/Daløy and Steinsundøy. Helen really wanted to take a picture of the rock on the top of the mountain. Image: This crab kept us company at the motel room. Image: Leaving Hardbakke on the local goods and passenger boat service. Image: The boat stops at a lot of small still-inhabited islands, one of the more interesting is Litle Færøy, where Roar Moe lives alone. He runs a summer camp for kids who want to learn about the coastal traditions, and works at various boat projects among other things. Image: People took the opportunity to go ashore and look at the place. Image: A home-made traditional kayak. Image: Our bikes are tied to the side of the boat. Image: Roar Moe, having just received today's edition of Dag og Tid. Image: In the mid-19th century, a narrow sound was created through this rock in order to ship goods and building materials to the farm beyond. It is just wide enough for a narrow row boat. Image: We don't slow down just because it's narrow. Speed running this sound is part of the experience. Image: Storøy, where the grandfather of some friends of mine came from. Image: Storøy had the school building for all the surrounding islands for a long time, as it was as close as you got to an equal rowing distance for everyone else. Image: The shipping lane is clearly marked. Image: Lågøystolane – the Lågøy chairs – a landmark by the island Lågøy. Image: We had a half hour stop at Gåsvær before crossing the open sea to Bulandet. They sell svele and coffee to the tourists. Image: Crossing the sea, we see Lutelanded and the mountains beyond from a, to us, new angle. Image: Back on solid ground, at the quay in Nikøy. It's time to reattach our luggage the bikes. Image: Another hairy maggot. This one is black with vibrant orange and yellow dots. Image: The cafe in Nikøy had to close for the summer, so we're off to Værlandet to get dinner. On the way we pass these familiar rock formations. Image: Creative use of an old wheel to make a flower pot. Image: Helen rides into the sunset. Image: Sunset view from our lodgings. Image: Eating breakfast in the alcove. Image: The locals like to liven up their neighbourhood with colourful decorations. Image: We didn't have to go far to find another colourful bike with flowers in the basket. Image: At the quay next to our lodgings, which is an old warehouse converted into small apartments. Image: The old warehouse viewed from a nearby bridge. Image: We climbed the highest point in Bulandet to have a look at the view. Here we see towards Værlandet and Alden. Image: We've packed and ready to leave. A final look at the eating alcove. Image: After a half-hour bike ride we arrive at the ferry quay. The ferry is still some distance from land. Image: Helen is also taking some final pics. Image: Sailing from Værlandet, the sea north of us was completely calm, causing this reflection which makes the skerries almost seem to be floating in the air. Image: Farewell to Værlandet, for now. Image: Alden in all its majesty. The island Kinn can be seen in the distance. Image: Most of the islands of the Florø basin and the land beyon can be seen here, in the sound between Alden and Atløy. Image: My first time in Fure by ferry. Image: Heading back north to Askvoll. Image: From the right, Atløy, Alden, Værlandet and Bulandet in the distance. Image: We took a detour to Bogeåsen on our way back home. It's part of the TiTur mountain hiking initiative. Image: Helen having a well deserved rest. Image: Passing the statue of Ingólfr Arnarson – the twin of a statue in Reykjavik – who hailed from Rivedal which is where we are now. Image: Helen has been looking forward to this moment since we started this morning. Image: I can see my house! Only the last leg of our biking holiday remains. Image: We end the day at Helen's family's holiday house at Massneset. Image: Helen's mom spent her first years in this house. They've been installing modern windows recently. Image: Helen enjoying her stay. Image: Driving to Fjærland. The mountain sides at Lunde are steep and very slick. Image: Made some focaccia. Image: Off to kayak. Parked my bike near the boathouses. Image: It's a sweet day to kayak. Image: Helen showing some good strokes. Image: Mooring at the local restaurant for lunch. Image: Having a good time waiting for our hamburgers. Image: Me and Helen joined the pensioners for their weekly hike. This is Berge. Image: Helen's brother invited us for a hike to Gygri. It's the closest mountain to where Helen grew up, but she's never been. So we accepted. Image: The view is impeccable. Image: Våtevikshaugen, the first ledge on the way up to Gygri, taken on the way back down. Image: The mountain as seen from below. Image: The Bøyabreen glacier.