May 2021

May 2021 in Fjærland and Ålfoten.

Image: Early spring in Fjærland. Me, Helen and Helen's parents hiking to the closest vista. Image: View from the top towards Bøyadalen. Image: We went down to the boathouses afterwards. Helen's been taking a lot of pictures. Image: View out Fjærlandsfjorden. Image: The blueberries are in bloom. Image: It's a lovely day at Helen's parents' patio. Image: We went biking, and found this common gull defiantly nesting on a rock in a pasture. Image: Heading home. Image: Today we're hiking to the spot with the best altitude-to-view ratio in Fjærland. On the way up we found this spruce which has had its top destroyed at some point, which apparently did not stop it. Image: The trees along the path form a natural tunnel. Image: At the top of Lindesvoi. Image: On our way back down we noticed this fellow. We went right past him on the way up. Image: Helen on her way down. Image: Today is Constitution Day. It's traditional to decorate with Norwegian flags and birch twigs with fresh leaves on. Image: Enjoying a snack after the traditional hearty sour cream porridge meal. Image: Helen's mom's rhododendron is in bloom. Image: It's a lovely day for boating. Kårnyken towers over the village, and the fjord is calm. Image: We decided to land in Svinevika , which is one of the places we used to go swimming when I was a kid. There was no road at the time so we had to use a boat to get there. Image: Svinevika has a lovely natural pasture, and when we had sheeps we used to send the rams here for summer pasture. Image: Svinevika also has some nice hazel groves. Image: More hazel. Image: And a small stream. Image: View from Svinevika towards Førde. Image: Helen is putting up a swing. And testing it. Image: It's a beautiful day. Image: Today we're going mountain hiking. This is one of the steepest ascents I know of. Image: There are a couple of semi-flat areas though. Here is a deer mud pit, which they use in mating season. Image: The view is worth it though. The two major peaks of Blånibba and Bukkenibba. Image: Bukkenibba in the center. Image: We're at the tree line, at last. Looking east, towards Torheim and Lote. Image: Another picture of Blånibba and Bukkenibba. Image: And we're at the top of Aksla. As with many Norwegian peaks, there's a box with a guest book. Image: View of Ålfoten from Aksla. Image: Another picture of Ålfoten, where you can see almost every house in the village. Image: Helen had carried the tripod  all the way to the top so now it's picture time. Image: The sign post at the top. View towards Stårheim. Image: Helen is still taking pictures. Blånibba and Bukkenibba in the background.