Snow Weekend 2021

Me and Helen had a weekend in Ålfoten. The Saturday we went skiing/snow-shoeing, and Sunday coincided with Valentine's.

Image: View from Haukå towards Florø at dusk. Image: Sea smoke on the fjord. Image: Helen preparing her skis. Image: A pine weighed down with snow. Image: The snow was covered in a layer of ice crystals. It was quite fascinating. Image: Me trudging along by the ski tracks, so as to not ruin them. Image: It wasn't actually that heavy. Surprisingly easy, in fact. Image: View from underneath the 420kV power line, across the lake Kalveholsløken towards the mountain called Kvarven. Image: Helen following the tracks of earlier skiers. Image: We've left the regular tracks. This is from Helen skiing in my show shoe tracks. Image: Lake Langesjø from the hill just north of Bjørkehola. Image: We went back towards the car a bit farther east. The flat area is Kalveholsløken again. Image: We had to cross the stream betwen Kalveholsløken and Langesjø. There's logs forming a bridge ("klopp" in Norwegian) across it. Image: Helen standing on the "klopp". Image: View towards Langesjø. Next to hare tracks. Image: I'd baked a cake known as "tropical aroma" on Thursday. Here I've just cut it in two to fill it with chocolate glazing. Notice the marbling. Image: Glazing complete. Image: Out for a Sunday walk. The sun it just about to crest the mountain. Image: Temperatures are rising. The ice in this small bay has broken up. Image: A bench with the inscription "pustepause" ("breathing pause") on it. Image: A pair of cormorants (phalacrocorax aristotelis) enjoying the sun. Image: Two pairs of goosanders (mergus merganser) having just reappeared on the surface after diving for food. Image: Another image of the goosanders.