Dokka 2020

Image: The first bridge on the path. Image: The second bridge - the troll bridge. In addition to the one under the bridge, there's six troll faces painted on rocks nearby. Image: View back towards Holmedal, and Straumsneset on the other side of the fjord. Image: Nyksvatnet, just behind the day trip cabin. Image: Flowering cloudberry plants. Image: Walking towards the dam. Nyksvatnet is the fresh water source for Holmedal and Askvoll. Image: The dam. There's not enough water for the overflow today. Image: Our first view of Dale on the trip. Image: Dale is fully visible here. Image: DNT puts up red markers to show the path on the routes they maintain. This one was on top of a funny rock. Image: I discovered to my joy that one can see the mountains south-west of Ålfoten from here. The snow-covered peaks in the distance are part of the devon massif. Image: Rivedal and Dale from the top. Image: The island of Alden with a fog-hat. Image: The mountains south of Ålfoten. Image: I decided to make a panorama from the top, starting and ending at the cairn. Image: The wind picked up significantly as we were getting ready to move on, bringing a wall of fog towards us. But it moved really fast, passing us by in less than half a minute. Image: Kylleren and Askvoll. Image: Time to take off our jackets, as the wind doesn't cool us down anymore. Image: View of Stongfjorden. Image: Ringstadvatnet and Ringstadstølen, the summer pasture for the nearby farms. Image: The path to the pasture is much easier to follow. Image: Stairs made by sherpas. These rock steps go on for quite a while. We only see a fraction of them here. Image: Solid craftmanship. Image: A natural cathedral. I've heard that mass has been held here in the past. Image: Finally down to the tractor road.