Pentecost Weekend

Image: Lovely view from the livingroom. Image: Helen prepping her new mountain shoes. Image: Blueberry flowers. Image: Helen was sure she'd need the woolen pullover for when we got to the mountain top. It's about 22C there. Image: The skull of a young buck. Image: Red wood ants keeping busy. Image: The terrain is starting to open up. This is as high up as conifers grow. Image: Kårnyken in all its majesty. Image: The path is steep at times, but we're now approaching the tree line. Image: Helen has discarded the pullover, as temperature increases. Image: There's still some snow left as we approach the summit. Image: Ålfoten. Image: Lots of grouse and some hare tracks in the snow. Image: The glacier contrasted with the nearby snow. Image: Helen keeps walking as I'm taking pictures. Image: Finally at the summit. And a view of the valley beyond opens up to us. Image: Høgefjellet, Åskåra and the glacier. Image: And back down towards Ålfoten. Image: Excellent view while eating lunch. Image: Snønykane. Image: We didn't need neiter pullovers nor jackets today. It's pretty hot and hardly any wind. Image: Myklebustdalen. The pole was used for a geographical survey in the 70s. Image: Going a few meters south gives a nice view of Førde. Image: Yours truly, on the top of the world! Image: Another view of the village, on the way back down. Image: Wood anemones are still flowering at this altitude. Image: Helen at the big dead pine we saw on our way up. Image: Wood sorrels. Image: Marsh marigolds thriving near a bog. Image: We're barbecuing for dinner. I'm the cook so I'm making the condiments. This is pico de gallo before I mix it up. Image: Pico de gallo, potato salad and we're just waiting for the steak. Image: Lots of flowering plants at this time. This is a bird cherry tree. Image: The dam/intake to the new hydroelectrical plant. Image: Wood violets near the road. Image: Strawberries clutching onto a small rock ledge. Image: Red campions and a few meadow buttercups. Image: Helen reading Persepolis Rising by James S. A. Corey. Image: A fine day in Ålfoten. I've just finished sunbathing and we're about to prepare for another barbecue. Image: Petroglyphs in Ausevik, in the municipality of Kinn. The glyphs here are unique in featuring very intricate labyrinthine figures. Image: Intricately carved deer and what is possibly a shaman. Image: More abstract figures. The character at the left is thought to be carrying some net - which might be allegorical. Image: Deer, including some mating ones, and what might be spears. Also evidence of more modern activity. Image: Helen reading one of the signposts. Image: View to the north. Haukåbøra can be seen just to the left of the pine in the middle.