Jakt 2019

Image: Getting ready to start my first walk in the Vauleholene hunt. Image: A nice 115kg buck, felled at post 9. The The Godfather theme was playing in everyone's heads at this point. Image: The shooter with his prey. Image: Mushroom… Image: … mushroom… Image: … mushroom. Image: The lake from which the stream Tverrgrova runs. The mountains Kvasshornet, Kårnyken and Sigdestadnakken are in the background. Image: Guarding Kaldeskaret. The mountain Klagegga is lit up by the sun in the far distance. Image: Pottane and Meraftanakken. Image: Krokvatnet. Image: Another view eastwards from the hill between Tverrgrova and Kaldeskaret. Image: Rear post #7 in the Stranda hunt. Image: View of Dalset from Osen. Image: Rowing the deer across the lake. Image: Post #7 at Pottane. Hjortehaugen - "Deer Hill" Image: Two bucks today. A 120kg and one 79kg one. Image: Foggy day, heading towards Legekanten on the Pottane hunt. Image: Legekanten. Image: The others heading further south, to their starting positions. Image: View eastwards from the eastern edge of Legene. Image: Ålfoten. Image: Today's catch: 7 deer. Mostly calves. Image: Post #3 (normally #4) at Øvste Berget. Unlike previous years, there's now a road leading up to the mountain lake above, cutting the time to get to the post from nearly an hour and a half, to under 15 minutes. Image: View down the valley from the road near the post. Image: Post #5 at Vauleholene. Known as "Vinkelen." Image: Autumn at Sætra. Image: Autumn at Sætra. Image: Autumn at Sætra. Image: Post #6 at Elvategane. Hjortehaugen - "Deer Hill" (yes, there's several of them).