May 2019

Image: May starting with snow this year. Image: The snow slowly melts as the sun starts shining on it. Image: The quay at the grocery store in Mundal, Fjærland, is pretty nice. Image: Helen at the pillars of the bridge she helped building, but which has since been taken down. Image: There's an Archimedes Screw at the glacier museum. Here's Helen having fun with it. Image: Enjoying some hot chocolate, tea and waffels at the cafe in Mundal. Image: View of Mundal and Fjærland from the old ferry quay. Image: We're biking to Supphella. This is not far from Haugen, where Helen's family lives. Image: Skarestad and Skeisnipa. Image: Some flowers in the ditch at the edge of the road. Image: At Supphella, approaching the glacier fall. Image: Helen biking in front of me. Image: The glacier and the glacier fall from the resting area at Supphella. Image: There's majestic mountains on the other side of the valley as well. Image: View of Supphella when biking back home. Image: Øygardsneset in the Supphella valley. Image: Passing the cattle guard at the edge of Øygardsneset. Image: The lower end of Supphella valley. The hillock Dirikhaugen acts as a natural barrier. Image: At the top of Dirikhaugen. View towards the south. Image: Våtevika. Image: Kringlebøen. Image: We took a stroll during lunch. There were plenty of small fish in the water. Image: A… Goomba Car? :-D Image: Yours truly putting on the bunad. Image: It's a beautiful May 17th. Image: People enjoying the day, eating sour cream porridge, ice cream, hot dogs and cake. Image: The moon decided to come say hello at the end of the party. Image: Helen's brother asked us to drive a box of feed pellets to the summer pasture for him, on his ATV. Image: At the summer pasture. We've just locked the box inside that building. The sheep showed up in case we were inclined to give it some. Helen's brother and wife were jogging up there to hand it out. Image: The ATV and view back down the Horpedalen valley. Image: Approaching the bridge across the river on our way back. Image: The gates between the fields and the pasture needs to be opened and closed behind us, which was Helen's job on this trip. Image: The dam for the power plant owned by the farms there, including the one owned Helen's brother's family and the one owned her sister's family.