Easter 2019

Image: Me and Helge decided to take the new road up to Sætredalen. This is the dam for the intake to the new hydroelectric power plant. Image: View towards Sætredalsskaret Image: Helge showing off in the snow. Image: View of Sætra and most of the valley. Image: View towards the lower end of the valley and Ålfoten. Image: Traces of natural snowballs rolling down the gully. Image: Helge posing on top of a big rock. Image: Sætredalen. Image: Stones radiate heat. And a big one like this has the capacity to melt the snow around it. Image: Going back down. Just to the left of the pine in the middle of the picture - the snowy bit - is Bjørkebakken, where we ascended last year. Image: Helen having fun. Image: Helen having photographed the pigs. She did not have any food for them, much to their chagrin. Image: Helen slacking while Philip is trying to climb the tree. Image: It's BBQ time. Daniel is playing with Andrea. Image: I instructed Helge in the proper use of a chainsaw. This is his first attempt - the pattern in the trunk was fascinating. Image: Me and mom took Nicoline and Philip for a walk. This is the old road to Vik. Image: We found a pond with frog eggs along the way. Image: Visiting one of the hunting towers with the kids. Nicoline climbs up on her own. Image: Helge and Philip follow behind us. Image: Not too far from the forest road. Image: At the power plant at Yksneelvane. This whole mountain side used to be one major waterfall before the plant was built. Some of the mountain is still bare from when the dam overflows. Image: View to the west. Kårnyken farthest back, then Aksla and the small abandoned hamlet at Askevika. Image: Mom posing for a picture. Image: Vik, with Kårnyken in the background. Image: Myklebust.