Flying across Norway

Pictures from various flights across Norway

Image: Beautiful afternoon on a flight home from Gardermoen. Image: Ready for departure at Gardermoen after a stressful cancellation, followed by a rescheduling, followed by another cancellation, followed by a last-minute run to the gate.
I had to take an alternate route via Bergen rather than flying directly back to Førde. Image: The fields of Romerike, just after turning west after the takeoff. Image: Flying over the woodland areas in the west of Romerike. Image: Lake Tyrifjorden. Image: Hardangervidda, a.k.a. Hoth (yes, the movie was filmed here). Image: Takeoff from Bergen Airport Flesland, heading north to Førde. Image: Final approach to Bringeland. The town of Sande in the middle of the picture. Image: Approximate flight path coming in to Førde Airport Bringeland. These planes practically turn on a dime. Image: Early morning flight from Førde. We're on final approach to Gardermoen, and the view is fantastic. Image: The inside of the cabin in one of Widerøe's Bombardier (formerly de Havilland) Dash 8-100s. Image: Trondheim Airport Værnes, heading south after a northbound takeoff. Image: The inside of the cabin in one of Norwegian's Boeing 737-800s. Image: Flying from Bergen to Oslo. Uvdal below. Image: Norefjorden in Numedal. Image: Just flying in over the eastern shore of Lake Randsfjorden. Image: The sun is just about to go down as we turn sharply south just east of Hurdalssjøen. Image: Final approach to Gardermoen. Image: Touchdown at Gardermoen. Flaps and spoilers at max angle. Image: Flying home. Approaching Randsfjorden from the east. Image: Randsfjorden to the left and Lake Spirillen in the upper left of the picture. Lake Fjorda is partly hiding behind the cloud. Image: Multiple layer of clouds at sunset. Image: Fantastic cloud layer as we're approaching Bringeland. Image: Flying east from Bergen. Lysøya and Søvik below. Image: Oslo at sunset. Image: Turning sharply north towards Gardermoen. View towards Holmlia and Kolbotn, and Drøbak further south. Image: Takeoff from Bringeland. View of the peaks of Storehesten (Kvamshesten) and Litlehesten. Image: Økslandsvatnet and Vadheim from above. Image: Beautiful morning in Sogn. The village of Ortnevik is the only significant settlement on the south side of the fjord along this part of the fjord. Image: Beautifully lit peaks. We've just passed Aurland at this point. Image: Hemsedal from above. Image: Eldrevatnet. The county border between Buskerud and Sogn og Fjordane is at the south end of the lake. Image: Back in Sogn. The ferries crossing between Fodnes and Mannheller can be seen on the fjord. Image: Sogndal from above. Image: The skiing slopes at Hodlekve. Image: Laugadalen closest. Leikanger and Vangsnes in the upper left of the picture. Image: Fjærlandsfjorden and the village of Jordal. Image: Gaularfjellet. The mountain road can *just* be seen winding its way up in the middle of the picture. Image: Haukedalen from above.