Jakt 2018

Image: First hunt of the season: Fjelleryggen. And I draw lot #1, which means I get to go up on and across Huaren to get to my post. View towards the Dalsetvatnet lake. Image: View from Huaren towards the western part of the valley. Image: View from Huaren. The big lone pine in the middle of the picture stands at the threshold to the slope going down to Nigardstranda where I was posted. Image: View towards the lake at Huaren. Image: View of the Dalset mountains. Image: I shot a female deer at my post in Nigardstranda. I'd moved down below the crags instead of sitting up on top of them, because the wind was blowing in the wrong direction. The guys driving the deer towards me were kind enough to gut it for me as well. Image: Formerly Post #2 in the Paulbakkane hunt. Someone has made the effort to make a sign, but we've since adjusted the posts, so it's now Post #3. Image: Hunting at Stigane, lot #17. View up towards the gorge where I took the picture down from the top of Kårnyken this summer. Image: View from my starting position in the direction I'm heading: go west! Image: And view towards the SW; Høgefjellet and the glacier. Image: The groove formed by centuries of landslides and avalanches from the gorge above. Image: Morning in Dalsetstranda. Getting ready to hunt on lot #11 (closest to the lake). Image: Pretty forest landscape. Image: Getting to the end of the first crag. Image: Thinking head stone. Image: Deer Highway. It's surprisingly nice to follow those natural paths. Much better than walking on asphalt or similarily hard surfaces. Image: A nice meadow by the lake. One of the biggest flat meadows in the valley; flat areas are otherwise usually bogs. Image: Enjoying some pineapple-flavoured soda in a glass with pineapple decorations on. Image: Post #10 at Avslyngane, at the western end of Storehogen. Image: Mads got a nice buck at Kloppelveholene. Image: Our catch for the day, in addition to Mads' buck. Image: Asbjørn also got one, but his had some oddly small horns. Which looks a bit silly considering his buck wasn't that much smaller than Mads'. Image: Still, two happy hunters. Image: A short rest at Kalleflata, heading up to our posts at Øvste Berget. Image: My brother Håvard took out a deer which was running after having received a (mortal) shot from Lars. He was sat at post #7 and I was at #8. Image: "Dang, Steve, they caught us." "Ssssh, honey, it'll be all right." Image: Kårnyken veiled in fog. Image: Fresh tenderloin in sour cream sauce.