Trip to Kårnyken 2018

Mom has always wanted to ascend the mountain Kårnyken which looms above our village. She's finally feeling up to it, so we decided to take her there, albeit via the easier (but much longer) route. This will take us first to the mountain valley Setredalen before we hike up a steep incline towards the valley between the peaks Svoregga and Rundehogen. From there one can maintain the altitude for quite some time before starting the final ascent to Kårnyken.

Image: Mum and Helen shortly after we've started the ascent. Image: An hour of walking hasn't diminished our spirits, but this is where the hard part begins. Image: View down at the summer pasture, from whence we started. Image: The local farms have banded together to build a small hydroelectric powerplant, using water from the lake in Setredalen. This is the road up there for the construction of the pipeline. Image: The steepest bit before Setredalen. Image: Cloudberries grow in the bogs which are plentiful around Ålfoten. They prefer some light shelter, like some dwarf birches. These are just getting ripe, and they were delicious. Image: Taking a rest at the eastern end of the lake in Setredalen. Mom has not been here for nearly 25 years.. Helen climbed up on a rock to get a better view. Image: No time to dally. We've still got a lot of ground to cover, and several hundred meters of height to gain. The construction area can be seen near the middle of the lake's southern (left) shoreline. Image: About halfway up the slope we see Setredalen lake nearest, and the lake in Ørnereidalen in the back, in addition to several lakes in the valley below. At this point we also heard a lot of bells from sheep nearby, but they were impossible to spot among the dwarf birches. Image: Two-thirds up, the view is amazing. At this altitude it's significantly colder, so we've all put on jackets. Image: Finally at the top of the slope. A new height record for mum. Image: As we get further east, the great bog called Skavlemyra appears below us, with our destination Kårnyken above it. Image: Mountain flowers tend to be more furry than their lowland cousins. This is to retain water in the cold and windy environment. Image: Half expecting the Rohirrim to come charging round the bend. Image: View from the hills above Skavlemyra, towards Kårnyken. At about 830 meters above sea level, we've still got some height to gain. Image: View back towards the peak named Rundehogen. We passed on the south (left) side of it on our way here. Image: Getting close to the peak of Kårnyken. This is one of several gorges running straight down from the peak. It's a nearly 700 meter drop to the foot of the mountain. Image: Mom and Helen resting near the gorge. Image: View of the lakes behind Kårnyken. Rundehogen in the background to the left, the peak Kvasshornet to the right, and Klagegga in the middle in the far distance, partly covered by clouds. Image: View from Kårnyken towards Svoregga (to the right) and the valley below. Image: Two different types of rock meeting, forming a small rift. Image: Panorama towards the east from the peak of Kårnyken. Image: Helen looks for a visitors' book, but doesn't find one. Image: View towards Høynes and Stårheim. Image: View of Vik, the easternmost hamlet in Ålfoten. Image: Heading back down, we take a short rest during our descent to Skavlemyra. Image: Moving across Skavlemyra. The path down after there is extremely steep, and begins near where the river falls over the edge. Image: View of the village from the edge of Skavlemyra. Image: On the forest track below the mountain, looking back up.