Easter 2018

Image: The amaryllis I got for the 2016 Christmas holidays from mom has decided to sprout again - just before mom comes visiting. Image: Korssundet - a sound at the coast of Fjaler. Image: A stone cross by Korssundet (literally "The Cross Sound"). Image: A poster telling the history of the place. Image: View at Botnastøa, at the mouth of Skifjorden in Hyllestad municipalities (near the border with Fjaler). Image: Varden, a mountain by Skifjorden. Image: My ladies relaxing at home. Image: The roof of my car had frozen over. Wonderful patterns in the ice. Image: The flowers of the amaryllis have started opening. Image: My brother Helge brought their kitten. Here she's stalking a bag of frozen shrimp. Image: Morning view from the bedroom in Ålfoten. Image: View from the kitchen. Image: The kitten enjoying the view from a chair. Image: View towards the house from the cemetary. Image: The tenants keep a couple of sheep. This one's a male with an attitude. Image: They also have three chickens. The white one is the rooster. Image: … and some bunnies. Image: The village church. Image: The neighbours have gotten a donkey. Image: The spruces here have been cut down since last time I was home. The area is suddenly very open. Image: We decided to take an afternoon hike together. Here's Renate and Philip. Image: Helen enjoying the sun. Image: Walking down the old path next to Sagelva - all the farms used to have their own water-powered mill, or have an agreement of use with one of those who did. This is the ruins of one of them. Image: The path is not used much these days. Image: The troop. Image: The mill of our farm is the only one still standing. Here's the millstone. Image: ... and the hopper. Image: It's a lovely day, and the moon is clearly visible. Image: Today we're going skiing/sledging at Karlskaret. Image: Helen has started practicing. Image: Mom is enjoying the sun. Image: View from our "picnic" area. Image: Helen skiing. Image: Helen practicing the Telemark-style turn. Image: The family enjoying some oranges. Image: Helen adorned with her shawl. Image: The kids loved climbing that rock. There was a natural furrow in the snow which made it easy to climb. Image: We dug a snow cave for the kids. Good job I brought a metal shovel because the top layer of the snow was really hard. Image: Another picture of the view. The building in the background is part of the shooting range (which was not open at the time). Image: Rabbit tracks. Image: "I has a stik!" Image: Back home, the cat is slacking on the window sill. Image: Philip is playing with his toy cars. Image: Today we're in Fjærland. Helen is participating in the annual 10km "Påskemili" race. Image: Finally at the finish line. Image: Helen's parents were at her mother's summer house. We decided to take the fjord route for a change. This is the ferry quay at Hella. Image: View from the ferry towards Hella. Image: View from the ferry towards Vetlefjorden. Image: View from Balestrand of Sognefjorden. Image: Sæle church. Image: View along the road, east of Lånefjorden. Image: The bottom of Lånefjorden. Image: Image: View from the bedroom window at Helen's mother's summer house at Massnes. Image: Got home and was met by the amaryllis in full bloom.