Christmas 2017

Pictures from my 2017 christmas holiday.

Image: Me and mom have made the traditional "krumkaker." Image: This year's tree. Chopped it down myself. Image: Helen's playing with magnets, and my sister's daughters are mesmerized. Image: View from the house towards the east. Image: Boots on the roof, ready to go... wait, what? Image: A final closeup of the tree before we're leaving. Image: At the ferry quay at Stårheim. View of the biggest mountains by Ålfoten, Blånibba/Gjegnen and Bukkenibba. Image: 1337 diesel prices at Stårheim. :-D Image: Gloppefjorden. It's been cold for a few days, so a thin layer of ice is forming. Image: Sandane. Image: More of Sandane. Image: The road between Sandane and Breim. Image: The western end of Breimsvatnet lake, near the mouth of the river going to Sandane. Image: Breimsvatnet proper, from the western side. Image: Breimsvatnet proper, from the western side. Image: The winding road around the lake. Image: You don't want to break through this barrier. It's steep and it's deep. Image: North side of Breismvatnet. One can see a bit of the village Reed at the eastern end. Image: The mountain Skjorta dominates the area, lying on the border between Gloppen and Jølster. Image: Skjorta as seen from Reed. Nature is showing off. Image: Approaching Byrkjelo. Image: After turning south at Byrkjelo, we're approaching Bergheim. The mountain Eggenipa is probably the most pictured peak in the area. Image: More of Eggenipa, as we're approaching Våtedalen valley (the valley to the right of the mountain). Image: At the mouth of Våtedalen. The name translates as "The Wet Valley." Image: In Våtedalen. The river dominates the landscape. Image: Near the southern end of the valley, a local farmer keeps goat in the rugged terrain. Image: Arrived at Haugen, Fjærland, where Helen's family lives. Image: New year's eve. The fireworks have started going off. Image: Big display at Kråna. Image: The farmer in the valley above put on a big display as well. Helen's brother-in-law watching in the glow of our torches. Image: Our new year's picture. Image: First picture of the new year. It's a foggy day. Image: The tunnel between Fjærland and Jølster. On our way home. Image: Approaching Dale, we got some curious light conditions. The camera mostly succeeded in capturing it.