Jakt 2017

Pictures from my hunting weekend in 2017.

Image: View towards the ford of the path called Myravegen. Image: Autumn mood. Very Skyrim-ish look to the place. Image: Pig Peep Show seems to be very popular with the cows for some reason. Image: Discussing the upcoming hunt while waiting for people to get into position. Image: Morning sun in the woods. Image: View from Post #5 in Dalsetstranda, towards Pottane and Meraftanakkjen. Image: View further west. The mountains of Meraftanakkjen and Huaren, and lakes Dalsetvatnet and Fjellevatnet. Image: We got a fairly big one - 119kg - in Dalsetstranda, along with a one-year-old buck. They've been transported back to the road by boat. Image: View from near Post #1 in Vauleholene. The upper end of the Heidamyra bog is visible. Sigdestadnakken mountain is closest in the middle of the picture, and Høgefjellet in the very back. Image: View from post #8 in Pottane, at the eastern end of Lake Lissjevatnet. One of the flocks of deer who visited me here decided to jump into the lake rather than risk approaching my position. Image: I got several deer to my post, and ended up shooting this calf. Image: The day's catch. Another 119kg'er, a one-year-old and my calf. Image: Hunter #10 in Avslyngane. Hunters #10 through #12 are waiting for the others to descend from a cliff at this point. Image: We had a good catch today. There's 6 deer in the hanger, and we shot another one a bit later in the day.